We are only offering this software a year and half ago, limited it to 50 copies and sold out in a few weeks.

The software works same as the horse version, except this one covers the Betfair Greyhound meetings

UK, Australia and New Zealand (plus other from time to time).

We have limited the copies to 10.

Because a lot of the greyhound races have poor liquidly.

This upgraded deluxe software does Win Market, Place Market and you can Dutch bet also.

Now you can bet upto 10 races at once, plus it has our famous Mexican Wave option.



This video is for our Saw Deluxe Horse software, however the principle is the same for the Greyhound one.



Here is the first few hours on getting the software..

Stop loss was hit on Backing ( had 15 losing back bets in a row).



Please remember that the software is a loss recovery staking plan,

so set a stop loss that you are comfortable.

Don't try and set a target too high for your Stop Loss, and remember your Stop Loss is not your Bank.

You can read more on this in the User Guide within the software.

On a Laying Stop loss of $100.00, can result in a loss of $300.00 (100x 2 (3.00) dog.)

Today (13th July, we have had the longest run of losing lay bets at 4, in 170 bets.)

If the back bets Stop loss was set at 50, then I would have had one only stop loss, as as 100

but saving a 53 point loss. 50 stop will still get you covered for around 12 losing bets.

So you may want to look at a lower stop loss on the backs.

The results below are UK Racing Only.

You may want to do Lays only?

You may find the day races are better?

Once I get more data I will look at this also.

This only one way to use the bot, I am sure like in the Horse SAAW bot

you will find what works an suits your style.

The software is a tool, you are the craftsman.


UK Greyhounds Race from around 10.30am to after 10pm 12 hours of racing

The bot will track and bet on upto a 100 or more races a day.

At £1.00 targets, that soon adds up.

The software runs by itself.

Truly, set and forget for the day or longer, run on VPS or you PC.


Grab it before it DISAPPEARS......



Your software to making the DOGS PAY.......




Only 10 available

Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

and 12 months use.

For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPN also.

Limited Numbers

Grab Now For


Around 27p a day!!

Bet these all year round.






Please "Gamble Responsibly" http://www.gambleaware.co.uk/ 

Gambling is risky, do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose and be sure you understand what you will need to spend in order to get the returns indicated.


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?

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